Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy holidays

kim: merry christmas and happy new year.  i hope everyone has enjoyed some good times with family and friends.  it's a great time of year to reflect on your blessings (like other people in peanut's life, because i didn't get her anything for christmas).

the gift of dog:  $2974.04


peanut:  i thought i heard something.  is that you, santa?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

critical path

kim:  since we got all that snow, it's hard for peanut to navigate through the deep stuff.  but out of necessity, she's created a path to her potty stop at the back of the yard.


peanut:  hey, i have an idea - you could get out your snowshoes and stomp down the snow everywhere for me.  or at least stomp out a bigger potty area for me.  i hate it when my wizzer gets in the snow.  brrr!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


kim:  peanut spent the weekend with her coconut retriever friends bella and maggie while i was in madison at a bonspiel.  she learned what "kennel" meant, and followed her friends into their kennel for a photo shoot.  she had her own soft-sided kennel to stay in, which she did - for a while, anyway.  she used her "reasonably good problem-solving skills" to figure out how to unzip her kennel door and get out, which she did twice.


peanut: three dogs in one kennel seems like fun!