Tuesday, July 28, 2009

time for the coffee shop

kim: these are peanut's favorite words in the morning. why? because the dunn bros in white bear lake gives dogs a biscit at the drive thru window.

i brought peanut through for the first time as a young pup, and being a pup, she got lots of attention - and a biscit to boot. it quickly became part of our morning routine (right after get up at dawn, go potty, eat, and go back to bed for a couple more hours).


peanut: dunn bros is my favorite coffee shop!

Monday, July 27, 2009

24 hours of 9 mile

kim: peanut attended her first ever mountain bike race, 24 hours of 9 mile, in wausau, wisconsin. my team did a 4-person 12 hour race, since we're half way between sane and nuts. we had quite varied weather: sun, wind and rain; luckily, no thunder. peanut kept dana, julie and nicole (and james and nate) company while i was out riding.


peanut: i also guarded the bikes. and i got to sleep in the tent. everyone was really friendly; i can't wait to go to my next race.

Monday, July 20, 2009


kim: there is a cute little bunny in the neighborhood (in the photo, he is just to the right of the hosta; click the image to zoom in). i'm standing on the deck taking a picture, and peanut is about to figure out where he is. and he's just sitting there looking at me.

this one better wise up shortly, or he's going to be somebody's dinn'r.


peanut: where are you, you wascawy wabbit?

Monday, July 13, 2009

playing paper cups

kim: sometimes peanut and i like to play paper cups. it's a simple but fun game that teaches cup handling dexterity and persistence. maybe one day we'll work up to logic - for some reason, if she finds the treat right away, she keeps looking for more.


peanut: i pick this one.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sunday, a day of rest

kim: it takes quite a bit to get peanut tired, but it can be done. a weekend at the cabin can do it, as can four hours with raleigh, jake and lash.

mind you, she was still more than happy to play ball and frisbee this afternoon, but seemed to rather enjoy lounging around this morning. right now, she is back to being her normal self, wanting me to get away from the computer and play a game with her. i think we'll play paper cups.


peanut: i'll take pooped out from too much fun any day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

frisbee dog

kim: yay!! peanut learned how to catch a frisbee tonight! we warmed up with a little one-hop ball action, then moved on to the frisbee.

i didn't catch it on video, but she actually did bring the frisbee back to me a couple of random times.

the recurring theme? exit stage right.


peanut: frisbees are my new favorite thing!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

first fourth

kim: peanut and i spent the holiday up at the family cabin. she got to meet 16 new people, so it was quite the occasion. the activity level was definitely higher than she is used to, which tuckered her out (yay, sleeping in!). on a personality note, she definitely warms up to women faster than men.

the noise of recreational fireworks around the area didn't seem to bother peanut. we watched the big show from a couple blocks away. she watched the first few bursts, then curled up and snoozed, so next year we'll definitely get closer.

we took advantage of the opportunity to sleep under the stars; it was peanut's first time in a tent. thankfully, the weather was great, so it was a perfect first experience.


peanut: i can't believe i didn't want to come in here at first. this is an awesome den!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

subtle hint?

kim: peanut apparently does not think her super-cool unicorn blanket belongs in her cage anymore.

$1519.70 does not belong in my bank account anymore.


peanut: hint, hint. time to do laundry!