Wednesday, July 20, 2011


kim: when peanut wants me to fill up her busy buddy, she brings it over and drops it on the floor, as if to say, "ahem.  did you hear that?  no rattles means it's empty.  this calls for action."

today, she came over and dropped it, but i was doing e-mail, so i didn't respond right away.  not one to discourage easily, peanut picked up her busy buddy, went into the other room, then came back through the doorway and dropped it on the floor again.


peanut:  i said ahem!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

boom house

kim: independence day is not peanut's favorite holiday.  way too many explosions for her liking.  when the fireworks commence, she usually finds a corner to hide in.  at home, it's in the basement behind the water heater.  although this may be a grand way to keep cobwebs at bay in a hard-to-reach spot, i felt bad that peanut didn't have a better safe house.  so, i set up her soft-sided kennel (the "free range" model - she knows how to operate the zipper) in the basement, complete with her super-cool unicorn blanket.

money gone boom:  $3554.42


peanut:  this is better.  but it would be best if you could ask them to stop making booms.