Thursday, May 31, 2012

high bridge dog park

kim:  yippee, there is a new dog park in saint paul!  it's called the high bridge dog park.  it can be accessed from shepard road by taking randolph ave se, and is nestled beneath the smith ave high bridge between shepard road and the mississippi river.

peanut got to enjoy the opening day festivities with her coconut retriever friends bella and maggie.

another special treat - i got to meet the new (human) addition to our friends' family - a real cutie named adelia mae.  she's got quite a grip, i think she'll be a rock climber.


peanut:  the high bridge is only a mile and a half from home, so we could go there almost every day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

climbing gym

kim:  peanut likes to go to the climbing gym with me.  i tether her to a picnic bench while i go inside.  sometimes, there is another dog outside to socialize with.  but most of the time, she just greets people who walk by.  or hides under the picnic bench.


peanut:  always warm up properly before engaging in strenuous exercise.  i recommend doing upward dog and downward dog [demonstrated].

Monday, May 21, 2012


kim:  i saw peanut sniffing at something in the yard.  turned out to be a little garter snake.  luckily, the snake wasn't budging a muscle, so i had time to grab the camera and take a picture.


peanut:  hmm, not sure if i should bite it before it bites me...