Wednesday, December 28, 2011

happy to be home

kim: i went to san antonio this year, my first warm-weather christmas ever.  i thought it would be really strange, but it was quite nice.  and since st. paul had a brown christmas, i didn't even miss snow.  peanut didn't get to go along, but spent a few days in the kennel (affectionately referred to as jail).

we had a little scare, as i forgot to bring along her vet records, so they didn't want to let me drop her off.  fortunately, i was able to talk them into letting me leave her there in "quarantine" until i could get home to e-mail over images of the documents (how did i survive before i had an iphone?).  and to top it off, i forgot her collar and leash, so i used a bungee cord from the car.  good thing my head is attached...


peanut:  jail wasn't too bad.  i like being around all the other dogs.  i made new friends in the lobby while mom was talking with the people.  but i'm very happy to be home on my own couch!

Friday, December 16, 2011

making tracks

kim:  the weather has been pretty warm recently - for december in minnesota, anyway.  it was above freezing, which means the ground was soft.  soft ground sticks to little dog paws really well.

guess the dirty dog checkpoint was closed when peanut came through.  must have been break time for the rag (why did i let them unionize?!).


peanut:  it's like hansel and gretel.  if i get lost, i can follow my tracks home.