Wednesday, December 17, 2008

big day for coconut retrievers

kim: peanut was reunited this afternoon with one of her fellow pups that was rescued from st. maarten. we (peanut and me, and bella and her people abby and tim) met at the battle creek dog park for a frolick in the afternoon snow. the pups had a fabulous time.

peanut has been a major sleepyhead this evening - a sure sign of a good time!


peanut: coconut retrievers are great playmates!


jenward said...

So cute!

sxmpaws said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your wonderful blog sharing Peanut's life with the world. I love reading your posts and seeing the changes in Peanut as she grows. I remember when she was just a tiny malnourished pup here on the island of St. Martin. Bella (Peaches then) was so small too and very sick when I had her at my house caring for her and now she looks so big and healthy, as does Peanut! Thank you to all you wonderful people in Minnesota who have accepted our coconut retrievers into your hearts and homes and given them the best life a pup could dream of!!!
Warmest regards,

P.S. PuppyPorch has two more darling little coconuts (as well as many other dogs and puppies) waiting patiently for their "forever" home if you know anyone else ready for the lifelong commitment of adding a four-legged friend to their family! Visit for more info.