Sunday, July 5, 2009

first fourth

kim: peanut and i spent the holiday up at the family cabin. she got to meet 16 new people, so it was quite the occasion. the activity level was definitely higher than she is used to, which tuckered her out (yay, sleeping in!). on a personality note, she definitely warms up to women faster than men.

the noise of recreational fireworks around the area didn't seem to bother peanut. we watched the big show from a couple blocks away. she watched the first few bursts, then curled up and snoozed, so next year we'll definitely get closer.

we took advantage of the opportunity to sleep under the stars; it was peanut's first time in a tent. thankfully, the weather was great, so it was a perfect first experience.


peanut: i can't believe i didn't want to come in here at first. this is an awesome den!

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