Wednesday, December 28, 2011

happy to be home

kim: i went to san antonio this year, my first warm-weather christmas ever.  i thought it would be really strange, but it was quite nice.  and since st. paul had a brown christmas, i didn't even miss snow.  peanut didn't get to go along, but spent a few days in the kennel (affectionately referred to as jail).

we had a little scare, as i forgot to bring along her vet records, so they didn't want to let me drop her off.  fortunately, i was able to talk them into letting me leave her there in "quarantine" until i could get home to e-mail over images of the documents (how did i survive before i had an iphone?).  and to top it off, i forgot her collar and leash, so i used a bungee cord from the car.  good thing my head is attached...


peanut:  jail wasn't too bad.  i like being around all the other dogs.  i made new friends in the lobby while mom was talking with the people.  but i'm very happy to be home on my own couch!

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