Thursday, October 2, 2008

a hole in my pocket

kim: today was peanut's first visit to her new regular vet. the impetus was twofold. she's been sickly for a few days and she needed her rabies shot. turns out she had tapeworm, but is now on the road to recovery. she did a great job taking her meds and getting her shot; she totally won over the crew with her sweet demeanor. oh, to have the charms of a puppy.

for an experiment, i'm going to attempt to capture how much money this dog costs me over her lifetime. she is priceless, of course, but here goes anyway. so far on the tab we have an adoption fee, two trips to petsmart for food and toys and stuff, and one vet visit. owning a dog for 10 days = $448.89

that's a lotta lattes.


peanut: come out, you coward! (addressing yella bellied tennis ball)

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