Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sicker 'n a dog

kim: if you're a dog, can you really be sicker than a dog?

peanut has the little doggie flu. it's not very fun cleaning up the messes. i'm sure peanut isn't really enjoying it, either. she seems to be doing better now. poops are starting to look more like poops than lumpy puddles.

yesterday, i didn't want her to mess in the house while i was gone, so i put her in her kennel. so she messed in the kennel. today i left her out. the floor is easier to clean up.

she has taken to making herself at home on the bed when i'm not looking. upon discovering her misplacement, i gently remind her that she is in violation of the little dog proper placement treaty. and she politely gets down.


peanut: she doesn't know it, but i sleep on the bed when she's gone.

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